Rogue Writer, Podcaster, but not Traveller…yet.

mr__self_destruct_by_austenmengler-d9g291cI approached Wes Lamont of RAEZ games several months ago to discuss his forthcoming game, ‘Rogue Blitz’. My pitch to him discussed the gap between any game mechanics and the narrative that gamers engage with; who are the characters, what are their motivations, what is the conflict, where is the struggle…sounds like story telling, huh. With my background in games and writing, along with my recent work for Good Games Publishing, I felt perfectly suited to adding something to Wes’s excellent game designs.  After exchanging notes, playing some games and recording a podcast together, I began work on ‘Rogue Blitz’.

The plan is to have a PDF that can be downloadable as part of a future Kickstarter campaign. It may serve as an introduction to the Rogue Blitz world, it may be used to expand on the imagery incorporated in the packaging. We’ll see. Exciting stuff though, and a different writing challenge.

This podcast thing. I’ve been writing the introduction to 7LandHand for over two years now. Along with the social media attached, I’ve come to regard it as a regular writing commitment that helps me hone the craft. I’m not sure how the end product is regarded, but there is a lot of work going into keeping it polished. The net result, I hope is ongoing development of my writing…even if we are heavily reliant on quick set-up puns.  Eeek!  The podcast has also expanded to address a national audience now. Along with this, sponsorship from Good Games Australia. In fact, go win a game NOW…follow this link and leave a comment on the post at the top of our Facebook page. Easy. This is happening every month – so keep entering. Free games – no effort.

I had a few cancelled plans. One was to go to a Las Vegas convention to try and drum up a bit of writing work. This might have to wait until next year though. The convention takes place in March and it’s all a bit hurried at the moment. Another convention, in Canberra, recently came and went, too. I’m not one for ‘putting off until next year’, but I’m putting this off until next year.

I’ve just finished reading Clive Barker’s, ‘The Scarlet Gospels’ and now I’m buying all his stuff. It wasn’t the perfect book, but the first of his that I’ve read. I’m straight into, ‘Mister B. Gone’ now…which starts like a Cookie Monster book we have.

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