Rogue Blitz Short Story Development.

Rogue Blitz Short Story

Completion of a first draft for the ‘Rogue Blitz‘ short story happened today. That’s the forthcoming board game from Wes Lamont’s publishing brand, RAEZ games. The story is very much out of my usual genre. It involves flying machines that go head-to-head with a titan-of-the-air bad-guy. The product, for which it is intended to support, has all of the action taking place within the game. So to take it beyond that, and add a layer of depth not already present, I’ve hopefully made some interesting choices.

It will probably be regarded as a sci-fi story. I broke out the Asimov reading to get in the mood. However, I tried to avoid the trappings of the genre. No lists of tech-babble, although, I have attempted to use dialogue that incorporates slightly futuristic perspectives and expectations. For example, my narrator complains about a forty-five-minute commute from Indonesia to Europe. The comment is made in passing and, hopefully, illustrates that travel has become quicker – but the human experience is still the same. I like to think that this passage also avoids a stream of superlatives about the vehicle in which they travel.

My experience of writing this story has been a tad more terrifying than my usual weird-spook-fests. I’m outside a comfort zone that I didn’t know existed. Of course, I’m looking forward to getting right back into my cob-webbed filled genre. Perhaps I’ll take my time on the return voyage. I could finish that other ‘accessible’ story, that I’ve mostly completed, before sinking my fangs into something horrific. Perhaps…

In the meantime, inspired by Noah Bradley’s time-lapse of himself doing digital artwork. I made this video: A man writing for several hours. It looks like I read aloud or, at least, mouth what I’m reading? This is why writing is a solitary pursuit.

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