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Even from the light Dark things come.

So this is all an experiment.  Here’s the first pic posted on the site and it’s my second digital piece of the new era.  After discussions with Dave I’ve taken the step of leaving this one in it’s current status.  There’s so much I’d like to see happen with it, but it’s a matter of being able to achieve it with my current photoshop skills.  So instead, I’ve opted to try and get “product” out and have a flow of artwork with which I can develop the digital art skills.  Quantity over quality for a bit perhaps?

The idea in this picture?  Well, I was talking with Dave the other week about how I like the silhouetted border technique.  I know it’s a bit of a cliche but some cliches are still fun.  I find it hard to avoid figures and I’ve been intrigued by monsters of late.  The best kinda monsters being those like in the original Alien films where most of the figure was left to the imagination…the most disappointing part of that film (apart from Sigourneys skimpy tank top) was seeing the alien blasted in to space, “Hey, wait – that’s a guy in a suit!!”  So here’s a quick silhouette for your imagination to fill in the gaps.  The eyes are visible (another cliche – oh god what have I done!!) to give an alienesque shape to the head and hopefully prevent the viewer from imagining a normal human head.

As simple as it sounds, I think I got to grips with the layer idea here.  I think I kinda got it before – but now the penny has dropped…but then again, you don’t know, what you don’t know 🙂