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She’s a memory now.

During the week I’d found myself re-working an old sketch idea.  I sketch a lot in meetings and I’d done this sketch several years ago.  I was able to find it in one of my old notepads and mixed it up with some of the new sketch ideas.  I originally had the whole body in, he has eyes, hands, bony landmarks etc.  But during one of the layer on/off moments I decided it looked better without these features in and this kinda emphasised a memory fading somewhat.  The scratchy background came about as I wanted the rough paper look of an old document, in conjunction with the anatomy vibe I think this gives it a coldness which contrasts with the emotion the entity is feeling.

The dragon-fly wings (what dragon-fly wings??) – well a friend asked me to listen to Karnivool’s Themata.  Whilst I was painting this pic I loaded the song up on youtube.  There’s a fly buzzing around and well hey, there’s another textbooky type thing – pictures of dragon-fly wings – so in they went.  This whole picture was done in less than a day (just for my own timing records); I’m overdue and I’ve done all my preparation for the next Randolph Carter frame or two so I couldn’t work on this any longer than I have without neglecting the graphic novel/comic.  For any anatomy buffs I have taken considerable license with this picture so don’t nobody mark me on my lernin’.  I’m always drawing characters like this so it’s nice to see one get to the digital form.