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My Hellboy

I woke up yesterday morning and I this image was the first thing in my head.  So I jumped to it.  I told my son I wanted him to model as reference for me, which he loved; especially when I told him I’d give him horns and bad nails.  I was especially enthused as I’d been struggling with how to paint hair reasonably quickly and since my son has a bundle of that, here was an opportunity to work on a process.  I’ve been doing more frames from the HPL story and the characters have hair, something I haven’t ever really worked on before.  I came up with a few problem solving ideas whilst I worked on this picture so hopefully that will hold me in good stead as the HPL graphic novella streams out.

Once again, it’s hard not to point out all the things that I did wrong but today they are at least just drawing faults and not technical faults.  I did try colourising this picture but I was either over it, wanted to move on and was rushing it, or I was just plain crap at it.  So that got shelved.  I had gained an affinity with the b&w version though.  “An affinity” this is my usual excuse for finishing a picture out of laziness.  Anyway, b&w is what gets posted.  I’m glad this idea just came to me, it’s fun, it makes me laugh.  My son loves it…well he LOL anyway.