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Old Warrior

This is more of a sketch/character study than a “piece”. I wanted to bang out something quick again (like with Blue Guy Sketch). There’s a lot of good and the usual bad with this picture but the original sketch I did at work in a meeting several years ago and I’ve always liked it. With the advent of doing all this photoshop stuff, now was my chance to scan it and put some life into it. I concentrated less on the smoothing in this one than I should and the anatomy got away from me a bit too. I think that, despite these short comings (and a background), the activity of doodling this piece was a great learning exercise and still conveys a story.

To give the story away, this is supposed to be an aged orc warrior of some social standing.  He’s overweight and long since passed his best but still wears the trimmings of his plunder.  My guess is he stole the gold embossed, leather robes off a fallen foe many years prior.  Orc hands wouldn’t craft something so fine.

I used a few new brushes today and I blended a lot better than previously but not up to what I can do…I’m more interested in rough brush strokes at the moment anyway.  My favourite part of the picture is the lower half, the way I got the cloth and the gold to flow works nicely on the eye I think?  Hey and I did a “fantasy” pic…I don’t believe it myself.  It’s all Dragons and Angels from here on in 🙂