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Unholy Introductions

What a marathon.  I simply couldn’t stop with this one.  I consider this to be digital picture #5.  There’s a story that’s meant to be being told here, lots of clues for you to follow.  Obviously I had to learn a bit about materials on the fly, loads of sheets, curtains, pants, jackets etc.  After my last effort I promised not to use any filters, overlaid images or any Photoshop aids and I managed; bar using gaussian blur on the moonlight.  This meant I had to get creative with my problem solving.  An example of this could be the floor.  I might have previously grabbed a wooden floor and put it in there?  Maybe….dunno…but I got to work with the transform tool and perspectived up a separate image I created just for the floor.  Great fun!

Either I couldn’t get the face right or I wouldn’t get it right.  By this I mean that I started with a pretty good “regular” skin tone version, which I then modified with my brush in the ‘colour’ mode.  So he looked dead.  After that I was all about not screwing it up and probably shied away from getting liberal with the shadowing.

Lots of fun stuff in here.  I did a bigger moon but most of that ended up off the page.  The bats are a bit of a tip of the hat to a vampire pic by Mark Gibbons that Dust has.  I like the smashed window and the roseary beads (Oft referred to as:  Rosemary Beads).  The quickly painted in crucifix and Jesus figure.  Thanks to my wife for the colour of the bed sheet, I actually asked, “If you were decorating this room, what colour would your doona be?”

I wanted some more “texture” in the painting.  But I didn’t know how to get this without overlaying stock photos or using filters or just painting it in.  But just for the record I’m still using the bog standard circle brushes and I’ve seen the other guys using all kinds of mad shapes.  I gotta get messy like the pro’s do 🙂

How do I get messy…?