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The S.M.A.R.T Recording

Well the first story gets a launch onto the site.  This story I wrote a long time ago and hauled it out of the archives as Dave and I considered a story we could illustrate.  The story feels like a Ray Bradbury type of thing to me. He has an automated house story that I listened to on tape from the library, back when people knew what tapes were.  Subsequently to this story I wrote, “The Last Man to Die” which also has the feel of the automated house.  Maybe I could ask Ray to read it…he has a good story telling voice.  Is Ray still with us…?

A small tip of the hat to every hot advertisement model I’ve ever had a crush on in this story.  As the visually addicted person I am, I must have saved hundreds of beautiful faces with the goal of drawing them at some stage.  Anyway, this story probably works better the less I have to say about it.  There is some controversy about whether there should be an additional paragraph just before the final paragraph to flesh out what happened.  However, it’s here on the site in it’s Directors cut, or author’s cut version, where you have to work a little harder for the answers.  Now doesn’t that feel better?