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The Terrible Old Man

Well this is more of a post for posterity really. Here lies my very first Photoshop digital art illustration effort. I really enjoyed doing it and learnt LOADS!!! But it’s nothing like the image I have imagined. The mental image is darker, the skin flakier, over all it’s not so damn cheery!!

The piece is based on a cool little short story of the same name by H.P Lovecraft. Three robbers decide to invade an old man’s home at night and liberate him of some pricey artifacts such as the gold doubloons he’s been witnessed buying things with in town.  The locals know the old man as a weird sort and give him fair space.  But these robbers don’t know him so well and see a frail, easy target.  As night falls two robbers enter the building as salesmen of some sort whilst the third waits in the car listening.  What he hears shocks him as he hadn’t expected his comrades to be so rough with the old man.  The screams he hears are haunting.  Finally after the screams die away and as the third robber expects to see his friends coming through the gates he sees the old man, walking towards him on a gnarled cane, a slight yellow tinge to his eyes.

The image represents this moment as the terrible old man is coming through the gates.  So it’s not something I’m proud of as a piece of art maybe more a sign post of where I started. I hope some of you get something neat out of it regardless.