Writer Background: D.A. Wildsmith

Writer Background D.A.WildsmithMy background as a writer started when I first dreamed of being an author at the age of six. I would compose children’s stories, intending to publish them in Ladybird books.

I have completed fictional stories for Good Games Publishing. These short narratives accompanied their 2016 card game, Monstrous! In a similar vein of work, I have written a short story for RAEZ publishing’s forthcoming board game, Rogue Blitz. Look out for this on Kickstarter in August/September 2016.

I have completed fictional writing courses through FAWWA (Fellowship of Australian Writers Western Australia), University of Western Australia short courses and the WA Playwrights Consortium. I have written short stories, novellas, stage plays and radio plays in applying these teachings and further developing my writing skills.

A Plague of Ladybirds is my first novel manuscript. It represents a conscious decision to move my writing to the forefront of my creative focus.

In March of 2014, John Harman (http://www.johnharman.com) completed a manuscript assessment of my novel. He wrote, ‘A Plague of Ladybirds is an excellent piece of work and is already at a publishable standard.’ He stated, ‘I think the manuscript is close to a sufficiently high standard that it could be sent to literary agents and/or editors in the knowledge that they will not be wasting their time reading it.

He closed the report by saying, ‘I rarely say this. I am not in the business of holding out false hopes to emerging writers but there’s no doubt A Plague of Ladybirds is an excellent read and you are to be congratulated.

There are supernatural, mystery and psychological elements to the majority of my work, which is influenced by the styles of H.P Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle and other 20th-century weird fiction authors. I also enjoy writing science-fiction, yet always with the focus on the journey and experience of the characters involved.

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