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Staircase: Copywriting Services D.A.WildsmithIn addition to my personal work, I provide copywriting services.
These website surroundings give the impression that weird fiction is my bag. Well, it is. However, I enjoy applying my trade to all genres. Science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, historical fiction are all genres in which I like to work. Delivering a narrative that poses interesting characters, dealing with intriguing situations, to achieve enthralling ends, thrills me in any form of writing.


Copywriting for games

Do you need text for your new game? You may need character sheets or a fully fleshed out novella to draw game players into your exciting new world. I’m an experienced writer, with a background in writing for board games such as Monstrous and Rogue Blitz. I own my own game’s shop, and have written for the 7LandHand podcast since 2013.
These skills transfer to electronic media. I would be most intrigued with a commission for electronic games jobs.

‘I know karate. Voodoo, too.
I’m gonna make myself available to you…’

I don’t know karate, or voodoo, however I’m always interested in producing the best quality narrative to accompany your creative endeavours.

How much will this all cost?

$AU70 – $AU100 an hour, with a minimum of one hour’s work.

The variability of this cost relies on the turn-around time, and my availability. Fixed prices may also be negotiated, depending on the complexity and size of the work.

Terms are always, fifty percent up front, fifty percent within a fortnight of first draft delivery.

I’m currently based in Perth, Western Australia, however, I’m happy to correspond/Skype in order to get the best results for you.

Enquiries: via email.

House in the Woods: Copywriting Services D.A.Wildsmith

My office? Third floor, end of the corridor…or we could skype?

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