Pickman’s Gallery Grande Opening

Hey, another “LIVE” button off the main page! As Dust hinted in the last post, we gave ourselves a project through July to try and recreate The Pickman’s Gallery. Inspired by the story ‘Pickman’s Model’ by H.P.Lovecraft we created a few illustrations in the style and with the content we thought might have been painted by Pickman himself. I was particular lazy, busy and rubbish this month so I only managed to contribute the one painting; ‘Feeding Ghoul’. All my other pictures finished on the digital cutting room floor. I have however, another sketch that might grow up into being a Pickman’s gallery piece. Hopefully, I can work this up soon.

So the ‘Feeding Ghoul’. I started by thinking I wanted to swim against the tide of BIG monsters and have a small yet nasty character. I decided I wanted him to have a BIG head, though. In the end his head isn’t big in the way I wanted it to be. The plan was also to have him well hairy but near the end of this project I was having yet more trouble with clean edges and Dust introduced me to the ‘preserve transparencies’ function…I couldn’t go on. I knew the next picture could be done so much better and without the hassles that were now inherent in this picture.Β  The last 2-3 hours on this picture were purely doing fixes. I wanted to start afresh. I kinda cheated with this guy in my terms; the cheat was to include a knob. I figure if you want to convey disgust in the viewer, stick a hairy knob in your picture. I did, so I did…it worked didn’t it πŸ™‚ As I get better I’d like to think I could convey disgust with more subtle techniques. Learnt heaps again…hopefully you can still see me improving at this stage. I think the painted end-products are starting to catch up on the coolness of the original sketch now. Gotta post a huge thanks to Dust for carrying this project this month…I wanted to contribute loads more but have struggled with output this month…post World Cup hangover perhaps?

Thanks for the props homie. Ah the Gallery, if two years ago someone had told me that Lovecraft had written a story about some artwork that me and MAS had done I would have laughed in their face, but here is the proof if proof be needed. Two of my pics are me trying my hand at speed painting which was fun, 2-3 hrs then walk away, looking forward to developing this. The other two began life as a photo montage of some clouds and some seaweed, the framed one represents the painting Pickman did and the photo is supposed to be the photo the d00d finds in pickmans cellar without revealing all the story (I think I just did)

“What it showed was simply the monstrous being he was painting, But by God, Eliot, it was a photograph from life!”

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  1. Great work on the Ghoul Two-some!! Very Frazetta in the way you didn’t include bits of the picture…as a massive fan of that I’m so surprised I’ve never done it. I think this also reflects a lot of HPL’s writing too in that a lot of the horror is left for the consumer to contribute. I actually find Ghoul 1’s eye to be very captivating, captivating beyond just being a picture…perfect in the context of the Pickman’s theme. The only question I have is “would Pickman have painted this way”? I wanted to prop my creatures up in suits and have them posing for a portrait. That aside all your contributions are fantastic! I love the title, “I have seen the dark universe yawning” too…is that a quote? Great stuff. Hey, maybe down the line we’ll do a Pickman’s Room Two?

  2. Ghoul 2 particularly nice.

    Feeding Ghoul is a great idea. My personal feeling – to convey disgust/horror, make the ghoul look ‘cute’ whilst doing the unspeakable, eg cutesy face (eg Mort the mouse lemur in the movie Madagascar) with blood stains and gristly bits between the teeth.

  3. Funny Ghoul 2 is my least favourite, I almost didnt include it. I think its more Ken Kelly than Frazetta unfortunately πŸ˜› I love painting from the dark to the light rather than the reverse. Unfortunately my Cintiq has glass over the screen so very strong reflections, meaning I work mostly with the blinds closed in the dark “where the inspiration is thickest…”
    “Would Pickman have painted this way?” If you mean posing the ghouls etc, I couldnt imagine them turning up for a 5pm modelling session and being asked to dis-robe and sit on a stool πŸ˜›
    Yea “dark universe” is from Lovecrafts poem Nemesis and quoted at the beginning of Haunter of the Dark.

  4. Feeding Ghoul showcases what is, for me at least, quickly becoming MAS’s greatest strength. What I would term his idiosyncratic style of art. MAS – You would easily and definitely collect a following if you presented to a wider audience.

  5. Dust, you are by far my favourite Boyz in da Hood Artiste.
    Peace Out!!

    @comment #4
    …and Shunned House ISN’T a wide audience??? πŸ˜‰

  6. πŸ™‚ I think you are asking alot of our audience – he has a lung infection at the moment

  7. But I’m still wide.

  8. Hey, someone’s de-cryptified the link text on the front page!

    So it wasn’t just my eyesight, then….

  9. @::::::.::::::
    Only a few, we’re still not sure what the two upper right links are or lead to.

    Our investigators are hard at work, this website dates back to 1452 so it’s difficult to know what the inscriptions mean.

  10. Djinni Trouserpest

    Incroiable! Fantastique! Grotesque!

  11. Drannot the Clean

    So guys, where is the fan art section going to go?

  12. @Drannot the Clean
    Mail it into Dust and he’ll print it out and hang it in his living room!

  13. Art by fans of SH or art of SH by fans. Have u drawn a picture of us Matt?

  14. Drannot the Clean

    I’ll do it right now!

  15. Great Painting! The cats face is nice and the detail works, same with the hand and the head. Like how you used light for the focal point and the concept is interesting and different, as you say whether it fits with the idea of the gallery is another matter but it tells a story.

    I dont think you need the wall there though, just an indication of one, darkness in that area would really draw attention to the great lighting you did on his head.

    Good work πŸ™‚

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