In and out of the labyrinth

cogsIt has taken some time to wander back here…I have been lost in the labyrinth of ancient Greek mythology. The designers at Good Games Publishing got in touch with me. They were seeking some written material for their card game, ‘Monstrous’. At present the game only exists as a news-feed on their website: SecretbaseGames. The game has been successfully Kickstarted and will see retail shelves in 2016.

They asked for some narrative excerpts and flavour-text to colour the game’s world. The goal of this project was to help immerse the player in the emotional tension and consequences of upsetting Zeus. After all, games are usually a matter of mechanics and maths before the artwork and story are added. So, what a great opportunity.

I seized the chance and started researching the premise of their game, ancient Greek mythology, and everything about how ancient Greeks lived. I had hoped to be able to link to my work on their site, but it’s not available yet. The work is submitted – it’s pretty cool and I have had fabulous feedback. Once it is published, I’ll cite the link on this page.

Currently, I’m working with a local game designer on a short story to accompany his forthcoming release in 2016. More on that as it comes to hand.

Is that the sound of cogs starting to turn? It’s definitely the creaking of my writing CV expanding.